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Frequently Asked Questions


   What is « SOGECASH NET » ?
   SOGECASH NET is the online bank service of Société Générale dedicated to companies and that allows your accounts to be safely managed online.

Without going to the bank, 24 hours a day and by subscribing to SOGECASH NET :

You can have:

- Information on your accounts : balance, statement, detailed preposted reporting…
- Online services: order of card and chequebooks, currency exchange…

You can make:

- Domestic and international transfers
- File transfers

   Who can access SOGECASH NET ?
  This service is available to all companies working with Société Générale. To access its functionalities, you need to subscribe, with your advisor, to SOGECASH NET.

Once your subscription is validated and depending on the chosen signature mode, your digipass or secured USB key will be given to you.

Not yet a customer? You can also subscribe to this service by opening an account in a Société Générale branch.

   Which equipment do I need to access SOGECASH NET ?
   All you need is a computer connected to Internet and an Internet Explorer version which can support the efficient encrypting system SSL (Socket Secured Layer) of 128 bits.

   What is the cost of SOGECASH NET ?
   The monthly subscription to SOGECASH NET is from 200 DH (communication and internet costs excepted).


   What security level is provided by SOGECASH NET ?
   SOGECASH NET provide security and confidentiality of your data and transactions thanks to :
- the dual key composed by your User ID and your highly secured authentication device.
- the efficient encrypting system SSL (Socket Secured Layer) of 128 bits. Your communications are encrypted so that no one can intercept your User ID or personal data. Thus, the letter « s » is always displayed on the URL address Bar after « http ».
- Firewalls installed by Société Générale.

   What could be done in case of access or use problems ?
   If you face problems during your connection to the SOGECASH NET website, please contact the following number: +212 5 22 43 40 30 during open hours.

   How to deal with a confidential data fraud attempt ?
   Please contact us directly on the following phone number: +212 5 22 43 40 30 during open hours.


   How can I be connected to SOGECASH NET ?
  You just need to input www.sogecashnet.ma in your Internet navigator and to identify yourself depending on the mode of authentication (digipass or electronic signature) defined in the contract.

   Which codes are necessary to access SOGECASH NET ?
   To use SOGECASH NET, all you need is :

1. a User ID that will be given to you in the branch at the contract signature.
2. an authentication device : a digipass or a electronic signature as chosen in the subscription.

   What is the procedure in case of password or authentication device loss ?
   If you forget your User ID or your authentication device, please contact your advisor, he will send you a User ID or provide you with a new authentication device.

Once your request is done, we advise not to use your SOGECASH NET subscription before receiving your new device in order not to block again your access to the service.

   What is the difference between the digipass and the electronic signature connection ?
   Both connection methods are equally safe :

- the digipass offers you the freedom to access your accounts from any computer without having to install any software. This is a pocket calculator that allows you to generate one-time passwords for each connection.
- the electronic signature connection requires the previous installation of a file received from the bank. This plug-in file can be installed as many times and on any computer you wish.



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